What Can Trigger Point Injections New York Do for You?

Trigger Point Injection New York is another way that your pain can be treated. Trigger point injections is a method of pain treatment used to treat muscle areas which have trigger points and knots that form when the muscles are unable to relax. Since knots can usually be felt underneath the skin, these trigger points have the potential to irritate the nerves around them and cause pain that is in that area, or even another area in the body.

During a trigger point injection session, a health care professional will insert a small needle into your trigger point. This needle will have local anesthetic or saline in it. This injection allows the trigger point to be inactive which reduces the pain. It does not take too long, and will result in relief. Injections are given in a doctor’s office and take only a few minutes. A few different sites could be injected in one visit. If you have an allergy to a drug, do not worry. A dry needle technique will be used that involve no medication. Obviously, let us know beforehand so we can arrange this.

There are lots of different muscle groups that can be treated with trigger point injections. These include the arms, legs, low back, and neck. Fibromyalgia, tension headaches,and myofascial pain syndrome (chronic pain that involves tissue that surrounds muscle) that doesn’t have outcomes with other treatments can be treated with trigger point injections as well.

It is a good therapy option if other treatments haven’t worked and can even be used in conjunction with other treatments as well as the injections will provide relief in the area, meaning other treatments can be utilized while pain isn’t so great.

If you have any questions on our trigger point injections in New York, please contact us, we would be happy to help you and see what we can do for you.

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