What Can I Do for Low Back Pain? Asks NYC Back Doctor

woman with low back pain

Low back pain (lBP) is a frequent reason people visit the doctor in the US, and most will experience it in their life. Our NYC back doctor went over how spinal manipulation is a top treatment choice for acute and chronic LBP. Now, let’s see the things you can do outside of NYC back doctor to help manage your LBP.

The best exercises that help manage LBP will target the low back. The best time to perform these exercises would be during the work day, as doing so will help rid of overuse and strain. NYC back doctor will show you some great exercises can be performed sitting or standing during work breaks.

RULES: Perform these exercises slowly to a full stretch that does induce any pain, take three slow deep breaths for each, only do exercises that fit your time limits.

SITTING EXERCISES: 1- bend forwards and reach the floor. 2- twist your body  to the left and the right. 3- Cross one leg over the other one, grasp and pull the crossed leg knee to the opposite shoulder and arch back to its max until a firm stretch is felt in the buttocks.

STANDING EXERCISES: 1- put your foot on an elevated surface (chair, seat, foot stool), and perform an anterior pelvic tilt. Arch your lower back until feeling a firm stretch in the hamstrings. 2- do the steps of the hamstring stretch but this time rotate your trunk to the side of the standing leg until you feel a stretch in your inner thigh. 3- put your fists behind your lower back and bend backwards to a max tolerated point.

Our NYC back doctor wants you to remember that these exercises can be performed throughout your workday whenever you have a spare minute. Our NYC back doctor also suggests that you must do these exercises on a daily basis to help keep your LBP pain from getting worse.

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