What Can be Done to Resolve Ankle Injury?

Injuries to the ankle may seem like they heal quickly as pain subsides generally within a week, but in truth, it can take a lot longer than that, it’s common that repeat injuries occur because the original injury hasn’t been treated properly. At Back & Body New York, we use evidence based therapy to treat all patients. What does this mean? Simply it means that we use therapies that are based on studies, research and science to provide data as to which is the best way to treat any injury. It means that as new treatments and discoveries are made, we move with it to provide an even higher level of care. We are data driven and results driven.

So with ankle injuries, we have a two step process in dealing with them. The first is to assess and treat and the second is to prevent future injury. Both parts of the process use evidence based therapy to ensure as strong a return to action as possible.

Assess & Treat

Most sprains (grade I and grade II) falls under this following category. For grade III sprains, an initial immobilization may be needed to help ligaments heal unimpeded, and this we will assess at the time as well.

But for the lesser injuries, we want the ankle to get back to working and functioning as quickly as possible. So after the initial evaluation so we understand what is going on, we will perform manual manipulations to break up adhesions and scar tissues and help the ankle to be able to move properly.

Depending on the severity of the injury, a few adjustments may be needed, but at the same time we will also give you suggested exercises to help the recovery and to strengthen the ankle while it heals. These injuries will also help prevent more scar tissue forming.

This process has come from studies and research that shows that mobilization is better than immobilization as originally thought. For example a study of 150 patients with ankle sprains by Linde et al., showed that close to all patients who had early mobilization manipulations and exercises were pain free and back to full fitness than those who had rest.


Preventing the injury from reoccurring again is vital. When the ankle is injured and even healing, it’s still susceptible to being injured again. High velocity sports such as basketball that require quick changes of direction and pace are particularly vulnerable to further injury.

So the next part of the process is to help the patient restore proper balance and to get them walking as normally as possible. There is a tendency to limp with an ankle injury but this doesn’t help healing and nor does it help strengthen the ankle. Furthermore it puts pressure on other parts of the body as it compensates for the imbalance of not walking properly, and issues can result there as well.

So we also provide suggested corrections in posture and also in walking properly to be better balanced overall.

Once again this is backed up by study and research.

If you have ankle pain or injury, let us help you heal and recover the right way through our evidence based therapies here at Back & Body NY.

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