We Welcome Our New Chiropractor Dr Ian Ferrar DC

Dr Ian Ferrar DC

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Dr Ian Ferrar DC at our New York City office. Dr Ferrar will be joining our chiropractic team full time offering patients top quality chiropractic care and treatment on an ongoing and consistent basis.

Dr Ferrar has vast experience working in multidisciplinary practices over the years and this was key to us offering him a position here at Back and Body.

He graduated from Empire Chiropractic PC in New York in 1995 and began his chiropractic career at the Rehabilitation Medical Care of NY, a multi-disciplined practice, where he spent a little over a year performing case history intake and physical examinations and treated for many conditions including chronic & acute care, personal injury cases and more.

In 1997, he moved to New Millenium Chiropractic in NY where he spent the next 6 years building experience and again treating in a multi-disciplined office.

2003 saw him move and become an Administrator/Chiropractor for the following 11 years at Doctors United Inc in White Plains. His responsibilities were extensive and not only did he perform regular chiropractic care to a high level, but also dealt with the administrative affairs of the office. This helped him gain not only more experience in chiropractic care and treatment, but also allowed him to understand and oversee many of the administrative functions including insurance that a multi disciplined office must comply with.

In 2014, he switched to Ageonics Medical in New York City where he was able to focus more on treating people and continue his high level of patient care and proficiency.

His skills will be invaluable to the running of our office here in Springfield, not only with his vast experience of chiropractic and patient care, but also assisting in the administrative areas where he will be able to assist patients fully understand their care. This helps us keep the continuity of the office at the current high level.

Throughout his career, he has worked in multi-disciplinary practices which means he is able to help formulate treatment plans and work with other disciplines within our practice in order to help his patients get out of pain and back to fitness the most appropriate way possible.

We look forward to having Dr Ferrar on board and he starts with us on the 17th July.

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