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Physical therapy is usually one of the elements of a pain management program. Basically, it aims to train people who deal with pain and mobility issues to function as normally as possible despite the current limitations imposed by their condition. The program has an assortment of strategies to specifically address patients’ needs and wellness goals.

If you have been advised by your physician to receive physical therapy to help you manage your pain, it always helps to know what to expect so you can psychologically and physically prepare yourself for the new experience. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

  1. Inquire what kind of physical therapy you’re likely to get. Your physician can provide you basic information on what could be included in the program to address your specific need.
  2. Also, inquire about whether you need a therapist with specific training depending on the condition that’s causing you a lot of pain, or not. The idea here is you want someone who has an in-depth understanding of your problem so the program can yield the best results.
  3. Get information online on the specific therapy that you’re getting. There are active forums where you can leave questions and have everybody — from licensed therapists to patients, to family members of patients, etc. — to provide answers. You can get a lot of information on what physical therapy feels like, and a multitude of other tips to help improve the experience.
  4. Once you’ve chosen a facility, do visit it prior to getting the treatment. Set an appointment so you can get an employee to guide you and meet the therapist who will be treating you. See if the place is clean, if they have a vast selection of equipment, if you have the option of being treated in a private room for one on one sessions, etc.
  5. Do jot down all the concerns that will help the therapist treat you more effectively. Provide your therapist information about your diet, sleeping patterns, lifestyle, medical history, your actual physical discomforts, your wellness goals and other relevant details from your doctor. By communicating all these, the best program can be designed for you.
  6. And lastly, for your first session of physical therapy Upper East Side specialists recommend making sure that it has been at least two hours since your last meal to prevent stomach discomfort. Also, wear the most comfortable clothing and footwear you have (sneakers, Crocs, or moccasins) so it’s easier to execute movements.



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