Ultrasound Therapy Experts on the Upper East Side

ultrasound treatment

While ultrasound therapy may sound futuristic, it’s been around as a treatment model since the 1940s.  Using sound waves set to a high frequency, ultrasound therapy is a way for physical therapists to stimulate the body’s tissues.

The ultrasound therapy is available for patients on the Upper East Side at Back & Body Medical.  We’re an integrated medical clinic where your doctor’s prescription can translate into the work of a physical therapist – without having to go to another office.  All the care you need is here, in our comprehensive, state-of-the-art facility.

Non-invasive.  Drug-free.

Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that’s achieving pain relief for many of our Upper East Side patients.  Those who’ve undergone surgery can experience expedited healing when they turn to ultrasound therapy.

The vast array of conditions treatable by the therapy includes arthritis and injuries which have damaged muscle and bone.  Tendonitis can also be treated with this highly effective clinical intervention.

Scar tissue and adhesions can be painful and interfere with a variety of physical functions.  Ultrasound therapy is proven beneficial in softening or breaking these down and eliminating the pain they can cause.  The improved circulation most patients experience following a course of ultrasound therapy is another reason it’s so effective in promoting healing from injuries and surgery.

What happens in a session.

First, a gel is applied to the skin of the area that’s been injured, or has undergone surgery.  A wand attached to the ultrasound machine is placed on the area and moved gently over it.  This gel facilitates the gliding movement of the wand.

Energy from the ultrasound machine is transmitted via the wand and into the affected tissue.  The frequency of the sound waves may be adjusted, according to the trauma being treated.  Depending on what the patient is undergoing ultrasound to treat, or the severity of the injury or trauma, the number of sessions and their intensity can vary.  Most sessions take from between three and five minutes, depending on the size of the affected area.

A warming effect is sometimes experienced by the patient, due to the sound waves being transmitted to the body’s tissues through the wand.  Usually, though, there’s no such effect.  If there’s severe inflammation present, the frequency is adjusted to prevent the possibility of any heating effect on sensitive skin.

Leading edge ultrasound therapy.

The professional clinical team at Back & Body Medical employs ultrasound therapy to treat many Upper East Side patients suffering from tissue trauma or injury.  Often, we’ve found it to be effective as a stand-alone treatment.  But ultrasound therapy is also highly effective when introduced into a rehabilitative personalized care plan, implicating a range of other therapeutic models.

Because Back & Body Medical is an integrated, multi-disciplinarian clinical facility, our team is trained in the application of a wide array of therapies and treatments.  If you’re an Upper East Side resident who’s suffered an injury or has undergone surgery resulting in tissue trauma, ultrasound can help.  To find out more, please contact us and book an appointment.

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