Tune Up for Summer With Chiropractic: Mental Benefits

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NEW YORK, NY – 30 May, 2017 – Summer is well on its way, so many of us are thinking about how to be at our best in the season of lightweight clothing, social events and travel.

Being at our best involves looking after ourselves in numerous ways, but it’s not all about the physical aspects of self-care.  How you feel physically is directly linked to your mindset, attitude and perceptions.  Descartes wasn’t kidding around when he spoke of the intimate link between the mind and body.

Part of your summer preparation.

When your body needs a tune up, it’s not always obvious.  Dysfunction in your joints is often only marginally noticeable, but these little problems can add up, impacting your immune system and overall health.

When you tune up for summer with chiropractic, mental benefits are accompanied by physical benefits.  Just like the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, so is the brain to everything you are.  When joint dysfunction is present without your knowledge, the sense of malaise is difficult to pinpoint, but it’s very real.  That malaise sends ripples throughout your body.

With regular chiropractic care, you can identify problems and resolve them, freeing up the lines of communication between your brain and the other systems of your body.  When communication is flowing freely, you’re feeling at your best and ready for anything.

The mind-body connection.

In our day, the mind-body connection is well-established, even though philosophers and scientists still struggle to determine where one begins and the other ends.  We mentioned Descartes earlier in this blog.  Rene Descartes once litigated for the mind-body connection in a lengthy letter to the doctors at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Descartes built on the work of other philosophical and scientific explorers and located the site of the body-mind connection in the pineal glad.  Today, we know the connection is much deeper and more difficult to unravel than that, but it’s very real.

That’s why chiropractic and its ability to restore balance to the body is so important when you tune up for summer.  You’re not only preparing your body to look and feel its best.  You’re preparing your mind to allow you to do it.  Chiropractic expressly acknowledges the mind-body connection and its role in wellness, clearing the way for a more holistic approach to overall health.

Health is the whole ball of wax.

If you’re thinking this sounds esoteric, that’s your prerogative.  But understanding how intertwined mental and physical health are is key to being at your best for the coming season of sun and outdoor living.

When your mind isn’t healthy, it’s difficult to maintain your physical health and vice versa.  These twin realities must be in perfect balance and chiropractic’s unique approach, which treats the whole person, can achieve that.

We are our bodies, but as human beings, we’re so much more.  We’re thinking beings whose bodies are governed by intellect and spirit.  When all is in balance, we’re the best we can be.  We shine in the summer sun.

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