Trigger Point Injection Therapy in New York City

female patient receiving injection in the neck

People in New York City suffer higher stress levels than other Americans.  We know.  Like that’s news!

Life in the Big Apple can lead to the Big “Ouch” for that very reason.  Stress and the constant motion involved in re-creating normal daily life here can lead to some serious muscle tension – even those hard muscle knots you can’t seem to get rid of.

Back & Body Medical, your specialists in the city, know all about life in this big, beautiful, crazy concrete jungle.  We live here, too.  We know that muscle knots happen, especially when you’re stressed and continually on the run.  We also know how to rid of them

If you’ve ever wanted to know about trigger point injection, we’re the clinical specialists you need to talk to.  The trigger point injection method is minimally invasive and can help you get rid of painful muscle knots.

Trigger point injection can alleviate the pain associated with muscle knots by treating their root cause.  At Back & Body Medical in New York City, we specialize in this highly effective therapy.

By relaxing the implicated muscles, trigger point injection relieves the pain that’s slowing you down to a crawl.  This minimally-invasive, drug-free intervention can get you back to jockeying for space on the subway and jumping the line for that scarce cab.

When nothing else helps.

If you’re suffering from a stubborn muscle knot, you’ve probably tried a range of different therapies to try to get rid of it.  Physical therapy, ultrasound therapy – the works.  If you suffer from chronic muscle knots, though, trigger point injection may be the therapy that finally does the trick.

Trigger point therapy, especially when employed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, can restore you to your New York City “ready for action,” nimble self.

So, what is trigger point injection?

Trigger point injection employs a local anesthetic to target pain. Each injection is administered in a brief session.  You can also treat more than one trigger point at a time.

Trigger point injection therapy uses a very fine needle, so most patients suffer no more discomfort than they might while having blood drawn.

You may experience a little bruising or swelling following the therapy, but these usually abate after a day or two. Patient response to trigger point injection varies, because every patient is different and every muscle knot is, too.

Trigger point injection provides relief for up to a calendar month.  Because the injection uses a local anesthetic, the treatment site is numbed for several hours, but the effects of the therapy endure for much longer.

Trigger point injection is a minimally invasive, highly effective, drug-free therapy that can get you back into New York City fighting form – ready to grab that cab and stake your claim on the subway.

Contact us.

Call the trigger point injection professionals at Back & Body Medical.   Let our clinical specialists rid you of that tedious, painful muscle knot, so you can get back to living New York City life.

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