How to Find Treatment for Runner’s Knee Pain in NYC

runner's knee pain treatment

Patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as runner’s knee, is a common problem for runners, as the name suggests.  Manifested where the knee meets the thighbone, PFPS can be intermittent, dull, sharp or chronic, but it usually disappears when you’re running.

Usually caused by poor conditioning of the quadriceps and insufficiently warmed up hamstrings, PFPS points to a biomechanical issue exacerbated by muscle imbalance and inadequate warm-ups.

When your quads are weak, they can’t support the patella, which causes it to move out of alignment.  Adding stretching before running and doctor-directed strength training can help manage the problem.


Affecting one or both knees, PFPS manifests as tenderness in the patella, which may radiate from the center.  There may also be pain in the back of the knee, as well as cracking sounds and the sensation that the knee is giving out.

Young runners, amateur runners and women are most prone to the condition.

There are multiple causes for PFPS and most of those are biomechanical.  The repetitive nature of running can also be at fault when this condition arises.

How to find treatment

I’m a chiropractor, so I specialize in identifying and correcting postural and biomechanical issues.  I also work as part of a team of medical practitioners here at Back & Body Medical, where we practice integrated care that draws on 4 distinct disciplines.

Acupuncture, physical therapy and sports medicine join chiropractic to create a world of treatment possibilities for people suffering from runner’s knee pain in NYC.

As I said earlier, biomechanical issues are usually the root cause of runner’s knee.  At Back & Body, we’re trained to identify these and correct them.  Our physical therapists share the chiropractor’s imperative to correct biomechanical issues.  Our sports medicine specialists work with all kinds of athletes presenting with similar problems.

We’re about complex solutions at Back & Body, so we don’t just treat you and send you home.  We treat you and counsel you about the best ways to address your runner’s knee pain and then, we enlist your partnership in managing it.

We prescribe a workable, effective plan of action to put you in charge of your recovery, so you can get back to running as soon as possible.  By treating you with diversified care that’s personalized to your unique physiology, we center our efforts on you and empower you by making you part of the therapeutic team.

How to find treatment for runner’s knee pain in NYC is as simple as a visit to our convenient location in the heart of Manhattan.

We treat individuals

At Back & Body, you’re not just a file in a drawer.  You’re an individual with unique needs.  We acknowledge that you’re one of a kind by providing treatment that fits like a glove because we don’t do “cookie cutter” here.

If you’re suffering from runner’s knee pain, call on the one-stop pain relief resource that people in Manhattan count on.  Back & Body is an award-winning facility that relieves pain.  Come see us!

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