Treatment for Shoulder Pain in Manhattan

Shoulder pain manhatten

At Back and Body we see many patients come in for Manhattan shoulder pain treatment. There are many different cases of shoulder pain that arise from multiple different places throughout the body such as: joints, muscles, tendons, bursa, or even the neck, back, and referred pain from the gallbladder.

Shoulder pain can arise with no clear cause, which makes the onset highly variable. It can also be related to a specific injury you had from sports, trauma, or work. Repetitive trauma over time and neurological injuries can also cause shoulder pain.

Researchers find that possibly more than half the population experiences shoulder pain yearly, and most people decide to put up with it and live in pain. We suggest you seek help for your pain and use our Manhattan shoulder pain treatment, because shoulder and neck disorders account for 18 percent of disability payments for MSK pain.  

These factors are what contributes to shoulder pain, and they can be alone or separate:

  1. Inflammatory conditions:  Tendonitis, bursitis (the bursa are fluid-filled sacs that surround the tissues), osteoarthritis (“wearing out”), and rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune).
  2. Excessive Motion: Instability can happen from the tearing of the joint capsule, tendons, and/or ligaments. Straining and spraining mean tears of muscles and/or tendons (strains), ligaments (sprains). Trauma is a result of instability in one direction vs. congenital problems where the instability can go in various directions. This results in a subluxation or dislocation in the shoulder.
  3. Limited Motion: When the joint capsule and ligaments are tight and do not allow movement, this takes place. This most commonly takes place after immobilization (using a sling), and can cause an impingement.
  4. Muscle Weakness/Imbalance: All of the muscles have to be in proper balance for the ball and socket joint of the shoulder to work correctly. Any weakness in these muscles can change the balance and cause pain. An example of this would be the forward head posture with shoulder protraction. This is a result of using smartphones, and other electronics. Overtraining the muscles, stroke, or pinched nerves are other ways the muscles can become imbalanced.

Impingement is another cause of shoulder pain that happens when there is swelling or inflammation from the tendons or bursa. The arm will have limited ability to be raised. Our Manhattan shoulder pain treatment will help your shoulder pain problems. We will use treatments like mobilization, exercise, ice, job modifications, anti inflammatory measures, and shoulder joint manipulation. Try our Manhattan shoulder pain treatment to help with your shoulder pain today.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we would be happy to help you.

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