Treating Back Pain With Spinal Decompression: NYC Therapists List Its Many Benefits

Spinal_Decompression_Therapy_in_NYCBack pain is said to be one of the most widespread and common medical complaints in most countries. But the World Health Organization says that back pain is a very difficult condition to diagnose and treat. In a special report, the global health authorities point out that even “heroic treatments” have failed and can even pose more harm to the patient. As a result, majority of people with back pain simply endure the discomfort and try to get on with a life of discomfort, limited mobility and inconvenience.

Experts say people with back pain shouldn’t simply grin and bear the symptoms and consequences of back pain, especially because the condition affects not only their physical health but also their emotional well-being and their social life. Back pain doesn’t only bring discomfort – it also leads to a negative disposition, reduced drive and motivation, low focus and performance, depression and inability to manage relationships.

Back pain patients will benefit from knowing that there are now medical breakthroughs that make treatments more effective and deliver immediate and long-term results. One of the emerging treatments to know about is called spinal decompression. NYC therapists have been recommending this non-invasive, drug-free method that is said to be effective even in cases where the patient was unable to find healing from popular modes of therapies – from medication, injections and surgery to massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

The aim of spinal decompression is to gently stretch the spine to gradually shift its force and position and to reduce negative pressure from the spinal discs, nerves and other structures in the backbone. Regular, consistent sessions are said to encourage the flow of water, oxygen and nutrients that will help the discs heal.

If you go in for a session, expect to be asked to lie on a computer-controlled spinal decompression table where you will be fitted with support straps and harness that will take the pressure of gravity off from your spine. You may feel a gentle pulling sensation, but there should be very minimal to zero discomfort (a lot of patients report that they sometimes fall asleep during the process). For consistent, long-lasting relief, multiple sessions are usually recommended.

The treatment can address various causes and variations of back pain, including disc herniation, degenerative discs and posterior facet syndrome. It has no known side effects, and the patient can receive customized care according to his or her specific needs and condition. Each treatment session can be tailored to accurately suit each patient. Calculations are carefully made so that the force of decompression, the position of the body and all other factors are as exact and accurate as possible – down to the specific location of every single disc that needs to be attended to. Adjustments are also made for every session based on the progress of the patient.

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