Top Reasons to Get Your Spine Checked

woman holding hand on her aching back

Everyone knows their spine is an important part of their body, but like all the other parts, many of us take our spines for granted.  When nothing hurts, we figure we’re just fine.

But your spine can be out of alignment without you even knowing it.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, “So, if it doesn’t hurt, why should I care?”.

Here’s why – the spine is what protects your central nervous system.  As the pillar of the body, it defends the integrity of your body’s command center.  When something’s not functioning as it should in the spine, other parts of your body will respond because of this intimate connection between the spine and your nervous system.

Here are some of the top reasons to get your spine checked to make sure you’re ticking along like the finely tuned machine you were made to be.

The unseen truth

As I’ve already pointed out, getting to the point of pain before you have your spine checked is not a winning strategy.  Things could be going on in there that you’ll be paying for later.

Pain is the last thing to happen in a chain of events that transpires in your spine involving the nerves.  One of those things is nerve compression.  Having your spine checked can identify nerve compression through posture and balance checks, palpation and imaging diagnostics to confirm what’s being observed.

The unseen truth can either result in pain later, or you can come in and let me have a look now, before it gets to its logical terminus.

Rapid deterioration

Here’s a very compelling reason to come in and get your spine checked – deterioration in the spine can happen within 2 weeks when misalignment is present.

In case you’re wondering why so many people suffer from osteoarthritis, this is part of the reason.  We ask a lot from our bodies throughout our lives.  Imagine if more of us took a pro-active approach to spine dysfunction.  It would be a much less painful world, to be sure.

Support your overall health and wellness

A cavalier, laissez-faire attitude to your spine is where problems are going to grow.  Over time, even when it doesn’t hurt, your posture will be negatively affected.  At some point, you’ll develop a stoop, which will affect your gait, which will affect the way you look and feel.

Just as you take your car in for regular maintenance, your spine needs you to take it in for a “look see”.  Chiropractic care can achieve the effect of maintaining your spine in top condition through practices like manipulation and adjustment.  Before misalignments start to cause trouble in your spine, a chiropractor can nip them in the bud, keeping your spine and the nervous system it protects serving you.

At Back & Body Medical, our award-winning clinic in the heart of Manhattan, I offer chiropractic care in a multi-disciplinarian setting that gives patients access to acupuncture, sports medicine and physical therapy.  This means flexibility and personalization for our patients.

Contact me.  Let’s check your spine!

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