How to Find Top Notch Treatment to Relieve Your Chronic Neck Pain

neck pain chiropractic treatment

The only thing worse than a pain in the neck is a chronic pain in the neck.  It’s the pain that keeps on giving, making your days a haze of discomfort and limited function.

You’re not alone.  At least 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain of all kinds, between 15 and 20% suffer from chronic neck pain.

I’m going to tell you how to find top notch treatment to relieve your chronic neck pain and a big part of that is the kind of pain relief we offer here at Back & Body Medical.

One clinic – 4 disciplines

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, I’m willing to bet you’ve been to see a lot of medical professionals.  You’ve tried a variety of treatments, all in isolation.

Bouncing from one office or clinic to the next, you’ve been elbowed on the head in the subway in the pursuit of pain relief, which has only added to your misery.

At Back & Body Medical, we think chronic pain sufferers have enough to deal with, so we’ve made their lives easier by putting 4 disciplines under one roof in one convenient clinic.

That means you save time and you don’t get elbowed in the head on the subway, but it also means that you received individualized, integrated care.  Combining disciplines to find solutions for the individual patient is a growing trend that Back & Body is proud to have won awards for.

Working together

The team at Back & Body shares a dedication to relieving pain in innovative ways.  With acupuncture, sports medicine and physical therapy supporting my work as a chiropractor, I’m able to consult with other clinicians about your chronic neck pain.

Following your initial consultation and appropriate diagnostics, we address the root cause of your pain.  Sometimes, chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is what it takes to get you feeling more like yourself.  Other times, the help of team members from other disciplines is what your neck pain responds to.

Every body is different and our integrated model at Back & Body acknowledges that reality and takes it seriously.

Patient-centered care is something we believe in, so we partner with you.  Your neck pain may have any number of origins.  You may have a posture problem, text neck, or an old sports injury.  Whatever the problem is, we don’t just treat you.  We counsel you and partner with you to find the way forward, ensuring you don’t reinjure.

Discover the difference

Sure, I’m tooting the Back & Body horn here, but that’s because I believe in what we do for our patients.  Our outcomes speak for themselves.  How to find top notch treatment to relieve your chronic neck pain is a visit to our multi-disciplinarian team.

We practice pain relief that puts the patient first, personalizing treatment by developing effective care plans that work.

Discover the beauty of a one-stop pain relief clinic, right in the heart of Manhattan.  Contact us, to discover award-winning care for chronic neck pain.

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