Are There Therapies for Aches and Pains From Sitting at a Computer?

woman sitting at the computer with neck pain

We’ve talked about “text neck” and proper sitting posture before, but I have so many people coming to me with complaints caused by sedentary work styles that I’m revisiting the whole sitting at a computer question.

When you work at a computer for long hours, every day, it’s normal for your body to respond negatively.  The body was made to move and sitting is already one of the worst things you can do to your body, in terms of load on the neck and lower back.

Craning your head toward the screen and slouching are the two worst culprits.  I’ve had so many people ask, “Are there therapies for aches and pains from sitting at a computer?”, that I’m writing this post.  Some of what you’re about to read is down to you, so get ready.

The upper trapezius

While sitting at a computer can have long range implications for your intervertebral discs, where most people develop problems is the upper trapezius.  These twin muscles run from your neck to your shoulder on both sides.

When the upper trapezius is over-used, it can become tight and sore.  This effect results from poor posture, so here’s where you come in.  Sitting up straight in your chair, with your head in a neutral position and your eyes level with the center of the screen is the best way to combat over-taxed trapezius muscles.  Keep your feet flat on the floor and your shoulders relaxed.

Making sure you get up and walk around at 30-minute intervals will help with any aches and pains, too.  And don’t forget to stretch, while you’re up!

My services

I’m a chiropractor, so I see a lot of people who need help with a variety of aches and pains and many of them work at a computer all day.  They come to me with everything from tension headaches caused by poor sitting posture, to neck, shoulder and back pain.  Sometimes, they suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

As a chiropractor, part of my job is to talk to you about the cause of your pain and to help you find ways to stop it from coming back.  That involves correcting your posture and talking to you about ergonomic solutions like a flexible work station – stand/sit desks, for example.

My practice is about resolving pain, using chiropractic adjustment and manipulation.  Chiropractors treat the whole person and that means making the connection between life and work style factors and the pain being experienced.

I work in partnership with my patients to help them fix habits which lead to pain.

Chiropractic in context

The great thing about practicing at Back & Body Medical is that I work with a team of acupuncturists, sports medicine specialists and physical therapists.  Together, we create personalized care plans that speak to individual need to relieve pain.

If you’ve got aches and pains from sitting at a computer, come see us.  We’re an integrated medical team committed to relieving your pain and empowering you to stop it from coming back.

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