The What Technique?

Graston technique toolsThe Graston Technique has an interesting history.  It all started when a water-skiing injury sidelined an enthusiastic amateur athlete.  In seeking treatment, our hero was dismayed at the narrow range of options available to people like him, so he took matters into his own hands.

After having surgery on his injured knee and exploring a variety of rehabilitation options, this weekend warrior decided he would develop a technique that spoke specifically to the needs of his injury.  He found that the medical community offered primarily cookie cutter solutions.  He was anxious to go beyond “one size fits all” and so, the Graston Technique was born.

Applying his own knowledge, he developed a series of implements.  He used these systematically, as means of employing addressing pain from the injury, the scar tissue it had left in its wake and the soft tissue issues it had provoked.

Patient/Practitioner Collaboration

The success of our weekend warrior’s efforts led to a collaboration between this self-treated patient and the medical community.  With his help, this new therapy and the instruments used in its practice were further developed, creating a new therapeutic tool to benefit patient and practitioner alike.

Since that time, the Graston Technique has become a widely-used therapeutic option that has rendered exceptional outcomes for patients undergoing it.  Worldwide, more than 13,000 medical professionals draw on the Graston Technique as a therapeutic option that benefits more and more people each day.

From fibromyalgia to plantar fasciitis, Graston is known to have striking and almost immediate outcomes.  At Back and Body Medical, we practice the Graston Technique as part of our suite of services.  It is an evidence-based, effective therapy representing an entirely new approach to chiropractic manipulation.

Discover the Benefits

Back and Body Medical in New York City is the Big Apple’s diversified professional medical solution.  Under one roof, you’ll find Doctors of Chiropractic trained in the Graston Technique, working in collaboration with physical therapists and other clinical professionals.  We’re an integrated team, developing personalized care programs for our clientele that work.  We don’t believe in guesswork here.  We believe in results.

Award-winning therapy meets advanced diagnostics at Back and Body, meaning that you walk out feeling better than you did when you walked in.  With each successive visit, you get closer to full recovery, quickly, sanely and safely.  Our evidence-based therapies are tailored to your needs, drawing on the wide-ranging skill set of our team of medical professionals.

Ready When You Are

If you’re ready to try the Graston Technique, the professionals at Back and Body are ready to tailor a program of care that meets you where you stand as a patient.  Our commitment is to you, your overall wellbeing and your rapid recovery.  As a team, that’s what we do and what we believe in.

New York City is a big place, with a lot of options.  For those requiring a suite of therapeutic services in one place, right in the heart of the city, Back and Body Medical offers the best in integrated care solutions.

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