The Perils of Sugary Drinks While Pregnant in Manhattan

You don’t have to go far to find a sugary drink in Manhatten. Every cafe, convenience store and restaurant serves them. Have a Coke with your meal, or just to drink while walking down the street, and nobody thinks anything of it. If you’re watching your weight, sugary drinks are the worst. Because they don’t fill you up, you think nothing of it and all the calories pile on. So even at the best of times, they’re not great. But what about if you’re pregnant?

There was a study published in the July 2017 edition of Pediatrics. It looked at the effects of expecting moms who drank sugary drinks while pregnant. Their study found that there was a relationship between drinking sugary beverages and the weight of their children later in life.

The study looked at 8 year old children who drank half a serving of a sugary drink once a week and then compared to a pregnant mom who had at least 2 servings of a sugary drink once a week during their 2nd trimester.

The study found that on average that the mother who had drank sugary drinks during that time had a child who was on average 2lbs heavier than those that didn’t.

While 2lbs hardly sounds a lot, when you consider the weight around that age, it could account for up to 5% of the total body weight of the child and thus is significant.

Not only does sugary drinks have this effect, but it can of course lead to obesity later in life.

They conclude by saying that expecting moms in particular should avoid sugary drinks as much as possible during pregnancy. Ultimately, we could all reduce our own intake and drink more water. It helps maintain a lower weight and is of course good for us.

In context of Back and Body, having a lower weight decreases the chances of back pain too.

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