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Chiropractic care is usually centers around the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders using manual adjustments as well as some other types of manipulation and mobilization of the spine. Technically, chiropractic care, like at Back and Body NY, is a form of primary care, but one can go see a doctor of chiropractic without having a referral.

In 2010, a meta analysis was done that reviewed some published studies in order to decide how strong the scientific evidence around the success of manual treatment for musculoskeletal and non musculoskeletal conditions was. Back and Body NY is going to provide you with the exact research found.

Dr. Gert Bronfort, the lead author, went over 49 relevant systematic reviews and 16 evidence based clinical guidelines. He found that SMT/mobilization is successful in adults for these problems: acute, subacute, and chronic low back pain, migraine and cervicogenic headache, cervicogenic dizziness, and a few extreme joint conditions. Additionally, the team noticed that thoracic manipulation and mobilization of the spine is as successful for acute and subacute neck pain, but the evidence at that specific time did not prove anything for cervical manipulation/mobilization alone for neck pain of any time.

This evidence also proved nothing for SMT/mobilization for mid back pain, sciatica, tension type headache, coccydynia, temporomandibular joint disorders, fibromyalgia, premenstrual syndrome, pneumonia in older adults, asthma, dysmenorrhea (when compared to sham SMT), or stage 1 hypertension when added to an antihypertensive diet. In younger children, the evidence proved nothing for the success of SMT/mobilization for otitis media and enuresis,  infantile colic, and asthma when compared with sham SMT.

A follow up study was done in 2014 by Dr. Christine Clar. She confirmed most of the inconclusive evidence findings of 2010. Because of the advance in technology and new evidence findings, this motivated Dr. Clar to note moderate evidence for manipulation/mobilization (with exercise) for rotator cuff disorders, spinal mobilization for cervicogenic headache, and mobilization for miscellaneous headache.

Both of these meta analyses are extremely useful for people looking into chiropractic care for these conditions. Back and Body NY wants you to know that more reviews like these ones are planned for the future, and the list of conditions that take well to chiropractic care will most likely expand in the years to come when areas that need more studying and research are looked into.

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