The Connection Between Whiplash and Concussion

Did you know that recent research suggests that patients who had an injury from either export collision or car accident could be suffering from both concussion and whiplash?

Researchers measured the force applied on the brain both as it impacted the head rest during a rerun car crash and one struck from the back while wearing a football helmet. They found a similar angular velocity between both crashes which suggests that both types of collision could result in brain injury.

Another study was done which showed that athletes who have stronger deep Netflix or muscles experienced faster recoveries after concussions. Previous research has also shown that stronger neck muscles may possibly reduce the severity of whiplash injury to the neck during a car crash. Overall, this means reduced injury to the cervical spine and surrounding tissues during a collision may lessen the severity of a concussion.

The journal of orthopedic sports and physical therapy published some studies in 2019. Researchers reported that the overlap between concussion and whiplash syndrome are very similar. The guidelines for diagnosis and treatment are implemented separately unfortunately. This could lead to misdiagnosis and a delay in appropriate management, as well as increased risk for a poor outcome. Proper assessment and management should incorporate the principal set forth in both concussion and whiplash guidelines.

There are a series of case studies which back up the suggestions that symptoms could coexist with post concussion syndrome and whiplash. 

Research from 2015 by authors affiliated with Canadian memorial chiropractic college found that post concussive syndrome patients experienced better outcomes when they received treatment similar to those who suffer from whiplash disorder.

Whiplash and concussion usually cooccur. This means that the patient should be screened for both regardless of how the injury occurred. Treatment guidelines show that nonsurgical conservative treatment provided by doctors of chiropractic like ourselves is one of the best options for these types of injuries.

Been in an accident? Come in and see us. We can help your whiplash and soft tissue injuries.

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