The 4 Life Saving Benefits of Posture Correction – Midtown New York

It’s much easier to slouch when you’re sitting down, isn’t it? Also, you think it’s the only way to watch TV. And since you’ve had a rough day at work or at school, you need to just let your body go and flip through channels. But here’s the nasty bit about slouching: It could lead to depression.

A study done by the San Francisco State University, which was published in Biofeedback, discovered that a slouched or despondent posture could lead to feelings of depression or decreased energy. When you alter your body posture to an upright position, you can improve mood as well as energy levels.

Posture correction midtown New York residents should note, can have a dramatic impact not only on well-being but also on health. Here are four life-saving benefits to learning and practicing correct posture:

 1.Good posture, whether standing up or sitting down, prevents injuries and damages that also inevitably lead to pain.

When you practice good posture, you reduce the stress on ligaments that hold the spinal joints together. This means you are less likely to get injured when moving around your house or playing sports.

When you’re hunched over your desk or walking with a slouch, your body becomes misaligned and your muscles and joints tend to overwork. The imbalance not only creates the perfect conditions for getting easily injured but also leads to damages and pain.

 2.Correct alignment can prevent degenerative conditions in bones and joints.

Speaking of pain, bad posture has the potential to lead to abnormal wearing of joint surfaces. This could result in degenerative arthritis and joint pain. When you watch how you walk, sit, and even drive, the bones and joints in your body will align properly. And proper alignment allows you to use your muscles correctly, preventing degenerative conditions in the bones and joints.

 3.A slouched posture could increase your levels of stress.

A Harvard study has discovered that slouched postures create a 15 percent increase in cortisol (the stress hormone) and a 10 percent decrease in testosterone. Slouched sitting is worse because it causes shallow breathing that strains the lungs.

 4.Slouching while sitting in front of the television could reduce life expectancy.

Another study done by English researchers has found that every single hour of slouching in front of the TV reduces life expectancy by 21.8 minutes. The risk of developing diabetes is also doubled while cardiovascular disease is increased by 147 percent.

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