Tennis Elbow and Nutritional Support

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Tennis elbow is a painful condition.  You don’t need to be a tennis player to get it, either.  The good news is that it needn’t be chronic, if you approach the problem proactively.  Early intervention is your best bet for restoring function and preventing recurrence or ongoing dysfunction and pain.

Pain is experienced in the outer elbow and this is caused by changes in the tendons which govern movement in the joint.  It’s a classic overuse injury which can result from limited mobility, poor mechanics and strenuous, regular exertion.

But did you know there’s also nutritional support for tennis elbow?

Tennis Elbow and Nutritional Support

I’m not about to tell you that your tennis elbow is treatable with nutrition alone.  You’ll need the support of healthcare professionals to restore the joint’s mobility.  This is especially true if the pain is radiating up or down the arm.  But nutrition, along with icing your elbow and changing your activity regime, is a great support.

An injured tendon needs time to heal.  Blood circulation is a crucial component in the healing of tendons, as this is what brings essential nutrients to the tendon.  But with tendons, the access is limited, due to the nature of the soft tissue involved.

Nutrition to speed healing means limiting your intake of processed foods and all sugars, as these are known to contribute to inflammation.

Foods high in acids should also be avoided in the healing process.  Tea and coffee should be avoided, as well as alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Eating more highly-pigmented fruits and vegetables contributes to reduced inflammation.  But you’ll need plenty of lean protein in your diet to feed your muscles and help them repair themselves.

Key Vitamins

Seek out foods which are rich in vitamins, A, B12 and C.  Also look for foods which offer high levels of zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and Omega 3.

All these essential nutritional elements can help expedite the healing process by contributing to high levels of nutrition, specifically targeted to the rehabilitation of soft tissue.

If you find it difficult to consume enough of these vitamins and minerals in the foods you eat, quality supplements are also a good support.  Even so, endeavoring to find as much of these elements in your food is the best way of using them to restore your elbow to health.

Savvy Rehab

Effectively rehabilitating an injury is a complex of things.  Nutrition is one of them, but so is the support of healthcare professionals and maintaining a level of activity that’s realistic and allows your body to not only heal but to maintain mobility.

Back & Body Medical

Back & Body is an award-winning clinic in the heart of Manhattan.  We’re a team of pain relief specialists who work with our patients to restore them to full function.

Nutritional support for tennis elbow should be part of a doctor-directed program of rehabilitation to ensure your tennis elbow heals fully.

If you’re experiencing pain from tennis elbow, I invite you contact me.

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