Team Back and Body Comes Third in Asbury Park Games

The Asbury Park Games is fast becoming something of an institution. It’s already the largest Crossfit event of the northeast despite this only being the third competition in its history. Coincidentally, third is the position Team Back and Body came in the competition against a very deep and high level of competition.

The future for the competition looks exciting with the 2020 event designated as a Sanctional event for Crossfit. The level of competition was high this year, it will be even higher next.

Three of us competed this year in Team Back and Body. We gave everything we had and performed to the highest of our abilities and came a very respectable third. We were third after day 1 and even though we pushed as much as we could, we still couldn’t quite break into the top 2. It was fun and great to compete, but those other teams really are fit!

It’s easy to see why the event has become so popular so quickly. The facilities have been set up very well, from the competition area to the spectator stands that surround it. There’s even an outside bar that overlooks the action as well!

Without me realising it, it seems that I am always involved in some kind of competitive action before the end of June. I doubt next year will be any different, but it makes all the working out and effort worth it as it gives me something to aim for. As with everything in life, it’s always good to have a goal. I will very likely compete in this event next year as well.

I would highly recommend the event to anyone with a love of Crossfit. The only thing I would say is don’t train as hard as me as number 1 spot is my goal for next year!

Fortunately for me, I do have my staff here at Back and Body to help me when I am injured. Being injured is tough enough without any rehab work, but my team helps me get back up and running before too much time is lost. Of course, any rehab work is tailor made to my needs and never rushed. Everything appropriate to the condition.

Dr David Perna treating Josh, part of Team Back and Body ahead of the event.

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