Salute to Blood Doner Postage StampEvery once in a while, we see or hear news reports about an especially devastating natural disaster happening somewhere in the world. Such catastrophes—whether typhoons, earthquakes or tornados—frequently involve large numbers of serious injuries that require blood transfusions for people to survive. In those moments of enormous need, the International Red Cross and other organizations make urgent, high-profile pleas for blood donations. And ordinary people answer the call. Whether you know it or not, that same need exists every day. And as a blood donor, you become a life saver—a hero.

In order to ensure that your blood donation (really, your gift to someone you will probably never meet) can do as much good as possible, consider the following dos and don’ts. Not only will they help healthcare professionals make the most of your gift later, they’ll also help safeguard your own health as a donor!

Do the following:

Do not do any of the following:

Donating blood is all about saving lives and helping people regain their health. The more often you donate, the more others can benefit from your generous gift. It’s a great habit to get into, but it’s also important to donate right!

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