Swiss Ball New York Exercises to Help Back Pain Patients

Have you ever tried Swiss ball exercises in New York to help with back pain? Studies have been undertaken to see the effects f such exercises and the outcomes were very good particularly with people suffering chronic low back pain.

One such study that was published in the 2015 Journal of Sports Science and Medicine researched the effects on chronic low back pain sufferers in under taking a variety of exercises, both with and without a Swiss ball and measured the effects.

While the exercises benefited all in the control group, it was discovered that those who exercised with the Swiss ball were found to have the greatest improvement. CT scans of the afflicted area showed greater low back stabilizing multifidus muscle forms.

The question is why do Swiss balls generate such good results?

The obvious answer would be that the ball is unstable and thus rolls. This means the body needs to work the muscle areas harder in order to maintain balance. The also helps the body’s sense of balance as well as the muscle groups that are working hard to provide balance. So Swiss ball New York exercises can be very beneficial for back pain.

Here are the four exercises that the study used

  • Bridge

Lay on the ball with your upper back. Use your legs to form a bridge. Then bring one leg up towards your chest and hold at 90 degrees. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.

  • Bridge 2

This time, have your ball under your pelvis and your upper back on the floor. Attempt to push down on the ball with your pelvis for ten seconds and repeat half a dozen times.

  • Bird Dog

Kneeling on all fours like a dog, and kneel on a smaller ball (one about 6″ diameter). Ensure you are well balanced and put your weight on this ball and then left the other leg up level with it and hold 10 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. Do this 10 times alternating.

  • See Saw

Laying on your front, place the ball under your pelvis. Balance on your forearms and lift each leg up and down 10 times as if in a swimming motion.

These four exercises helped the patients in the study. They can help you too. But always be aware of your own body and listen to it. If you are finding sharp pain and that you are not getting better, come in and see us. We will investigate and help you further.

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