Summary of Our Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative medicine has arrived at Back & Body and is available at our Springfield New Jersey practice. For our New York patients, we can still help you if you want to try this treatment, call us 212-371-2000 to learn how.

Dr Dormer MD., is heading up our regenerative medicine program at our Springfield practice and with her experience and knowledge (she’s been working with regenerative medicine since its early days of development), we are really excited about offering another form of treatment to help you get out of pain quicker and back to doing what you love best.

We will begin our program by offering two regenerative medicine products, namely PolycyteTM and CorecyteTM and will build up from there. These products are safe and have been processed in FDA approved laboratory conditions. They provide the kick start in helping damaged and dysfunctional tissue in the body to being healed and getting back to normal.

While tissue degeneration occurs to the more mature demographic of which regenerative medicine is extremely effective in treating, it has to be said that it is also very beneficial to younger generation as well and those who compete in sports. Again, the treatment helps to improve healing time, meaning less time on the sidelines.

Talk to us today if this is something you would like to try to help manage and improve your pain.

So if you have tried many therapies and are still struggling with pain, regenerative medicine could be the solution for you. It has already helped many pro athletes heal faster and get back to action sooner and it can certainly help you too.

If this is something you would like to try, call us today. Either call our Jersey practice on 908-325-3000 or our New York practice, 212-371-2000. Either one will be able to help you.

Schedule an appointment or download our mobile booking app. Enter clinic ID ORTKJR.

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