Staying Active Helps Improve Recovery

We are very much an evidence based practice here in Midtown NYC and are constantly studying, learning and practicing results and conclusions from studies and new research. It’s incredible how far healthcare has come in the past 30 years in that what was preached in the 70s is not necessarily practiced today. Now that doesn’t in any way mean that in 30 years time, what we are practicing today is wrong, it merely means that what works based on evidence, research and actual results, we apply to our patients. As that research and study progresses in the next 30 years, of course we will learn new things, new techniques and apply those as well. In short, we aim to get better and better as we learn more and more.
So looking back at some of the older suggestions for treatment can be quite amusing at times. Take for instance, the treatment of back pain. Many years ago, it was thought that to help with back pain, a lot of bed rest was needed to help heal the injury. Now today, based on research and study, that line of thinking is actually not being acted on. Because of this research, we can understand more about what happens to the back and how it works and come up with a different way of treating and managing it. This is based on evidence and fact,
So instead of extensive bed rest, we generally want to see a patient be more active in overcoming the injury. Now we have to do this under observation, we’re not for one minute saying to you if you have back pain right now and you’re reading this, to go out and be active. We should see you and understand your injury properly, but after treating it, we will provide appropriate exercises and suggestions for you to remain active in a healthy way.
And this is backed up by research.
You see, if you consider your back. It has two types of main muscle groups, the superficial muscles and the deep muscles. The superficial muscles are those that enable us to bend and twist, lift weights and so on. The deep muscles provide full support for the back and help stabilize it. Now if the back is injured and bed rest is prescribed, then those muscles will become weak relatively quickly. When activity is resumed, the superficial muscles end up taking the brunt of the work for both muscle groups and thus tire more quickly. As they tire, there is greater risk of further injury. So from this example alone, we can see that bed rest is probably not the best way to treat this injury and studies have shown that the more active a patient is in injury, the quicker return to normality. But again, under proper supervision with the right exercises.
So if you have hurt your back or are in pain, come in and see us and we can help you get back to normal as quick as possible. Call us today for an appointment or schedule online below.

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