What is Sports Therapy and How Does It Benefit Athletes?

basketball player getting sports physical therapy

Sports therapy (also referred to as sports medicine, or sports and exercise medicine) is a multi-disciplinarian modality which addresses the needs of athletes, both professional and amateur.

Sports therapy does more than treat injuries.  It helps athletes prepare their bodies as a means of preventing them. It also addresses the nutritional aspects of fitness and training with performance in mind.

This post will answer the question, “What is sports therapy and how does it benefit athletes”, for people thinking they may need specialized care to support their physically active lives.

A needed discipline.

With health and wellness increasingly being recognized as crucial to a full and well-lived life, sports therapy is a growing area addressing a burgeoning need.  The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that between the years 2011 and 2016, there were more than 8.5 million injuries occasioned by sports and other physical activities in the USA.  This statistic cuts across all age groups.

Sports therapy is an emerging area which has only gained currency since the latter part of the 20th Century.  Since then, it’s grown precipitously, as professional athletes turn to therapists and doctors trained in the discipline.

And they’re seeing tremendous results.

Specialized care for active people.

People who push their bodies to perform need the support of medical professionals who understand the physical challenges involved.  Working closely with physical therapists, orthopedic doctors and chiropractors, sports therapists have a thorough understanding of body mechanics and the effect on the body many sports and physical activities can have.

With the help of sports therapy professionals, athletes can learn more about their bodies and how to develop themselves to prevent injuries.  A sports therapy pro can also counsel athletes and active people as to how long to wait before returning to their sport or activity post-injury, helping them prevent recurrence.

With a thorough understanding of the human anatomy, sports therapists are uniquely placed to spot individual anatomical challenges.  These can be addressed effectively with a targeted therapeutic response, rendering the athlete less prone to injury and more likely to recover expeditiously, when injured.

Supporting the human body.

The human body was made to move.  In these latter days, it’s clear to just about everyone what not honoring that reality costs us, in terms of health.  As more people turn to regular physical activity as a key lifestyle support, sports therapy has arisen to address the need for a specialization that responds to the challenges of physically active bodies.

People taking on a fitness challenge need just as much support as elite, professional athletes.  Sports therapy has just as many benefits for them as it does for Lebron James, or any other Level A court, rink or field warrior.

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