Spinal Nerve Pain’s Best Friend – Flexion Distraction Therapy

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Nerve pain in the spine can be caused by a number of conditions.  From spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal, causing pressure on the nerves), to herniated discs, anyone who has experienced spinal nerve pain knows how it demands relief.  Either of the conditions listed can also induce sciatic pain, which is a strong indication of pressure on spinal nerves.

Flexion distraction therapy is spinal nerve pain’s best friend.  Non-invasive and drug-free, this treatment seeks to resolve herniation in the disks and to increase mobility in the spinal column.  It’s a gentle procedure, involving no forced movement.  It’s entirely safe.  By eliminating pressure on spinal nerves caused by anomalies, patients experience excellent pain relief outcomes.

How it works.

Flexion distraction therapy is practiced by doctors of chiropractic, using a table dedicated to the therapy.  In essence, the spine is “distracted” by the movement of the table, which is rhythmic and gentle.  Its movement is also calibrated for maximum effect to the particular patient and the condition involved for each treatment.

This style of chiropractic therapy permits free, unforced movement of the spine.  This movement works to alleviate pressure from bulging discs and to correct the effects of spinal stenosis.  In the case of herniated disk, a subtle negative pressure is applied.  This pulls the herniation back into place and restores the cushioning effect of the disc, preventing pressure from impacting nearby nerves and mitigating or eliminating pain.

No artificial force.  Gentle.

Spinal nerve pain can originate from any number of conditions which affect the spine.  In addition to the two mentioned at the start of this blog post, arthritis of the spinal column can also benefit from a course of flexion distraction therapy, as well as low back pain and stiffness and other injuries of the lumbar (lower) spine.

Those who have undergone spinal surgery may also find this gentle therapy, which applies no artificial force, highly effective in mitigating residual pain while in recovery.  This is particularly true if the surgery is in need of revision.  Spinal flexion therapy can relieve existing pain and prepare the patient for the upcoming revision.

Many of our patients at Back & Body Medical report that flexion distraction therapy is relaxing and even pleasant.  They experience no discomfort and enjoy a significant reduction in pain.

Back & Body’s chiropractic focus.

At our facility in New York City, Back & Body’s chiropractic team has seen excellent patient outcomes using this therapy.  Spinal nerve pain caused by numerous conditions has been alleviated using flexion distraction therapy.

The expert chiropractic doctors at Back & Body place evidence above all other considerations when recommending any given therapeutic model.  We believe in science and research.  Flexion distraction therapy is a tried and true treatment known to provide relief to those who suffer from spinal nerve pain.

Call to book an appointment.

If you’re suffering from spinal nerve pain, call for an appointment.  Our team of chiropractic doctors can show you why flexion distraction therapy is your nerve pain’s best friend.

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