Spinal Decompression Therapy in Upper East Side


Spinal Decompression Therapy in Upper East SideThose suffering from neck, back, leg, and arm pain caused by degenerative discs, disc herniation, or posterior facet syndrome find that they are unable to lead the active lives they were used to. While many people are reluctant to use pain killers on a regular basis because of the possible side effects and are wary on invasive surgical procedures, they can benefit from spinal decompression therapy in Upper East Side. Spinal decompression involves the use of traction and decompression tables along with proper positioning to cure many of the causes of back and neck pain.

The Process

Spinal decompression therapy in Upper East Side uses traction and decompression tables to stretch the spinal cord and relive the pressure exerted on damaged discs and the nerves that are compressed because of this.

This provides pain relief to the patient. The pressure exerted by the traction and the decompression tables can be adjusted to ensure the best effects pending on the extent of the injuries being treated.

This outstanding and cutting edge procedure alternately applies distraction and relaxation to lower the pressure on the damaged discs. This is similar to that effect of traction but goes much further because it creates a vacuum in the disc by applying negative pressure. This causes the hernia to retract and treats the root cause of the pain and problem.

Reasons to Consider this Medical Avenue

Spinal decompression therapy in Upper East Side works in two ways to help patients with damaged discs. First, the traction relieves the pressure on the discs and nerves and reduces the pain. Additionally, the removal of pressure results in better hydration of the disc and as it receives more nutrition, it heals faster.

What to Expect

When a patient suffering from back pain opens the door to spinal decompression therapy in Upper East Side they will be treated with a combination of traction and decompression tables. The patient will experience pain relief after a few sessions though they might have to continue with the sessions for longer to achieve an effective cure. The negative pressure applied is akin to the anti-gravitational force and many patients describe it as a pulling sensation. The pain free therapy is comfortable enough for some patients to fall asleep during the procedure.

No Pain Killers

Spinal decompression therapy in Upper East Side is a safe and effective treatment for damaged discs since it is non-invasive and does not depend on pain killers.

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