Spinal Decompression Therapy in NYC


Spinal Decompression Therapy in NYCIf you are suffering from persistent back, neck, arm, and leg pain caused by herniated discs, posterior facet syndrome, or degenerated discs, you are probably unable to continue with your active lifestyle. Treatment options such as surgery are invasive while using painkillers over the long term can expose you to possible side effects. However, you can select safe and effective spinal decompression therapy in NYC.

Reduces the Pressure

Spinal decompression therapy in NYC involves the use of traction and decompression tables to reduce the pressure on the damaged discs. The pressure applied by the traction and the decompression tables can be adjusted depending on the extent of the injuries. The treatment stretches the spine to reduce the pressure on the discs and this also removes pressure from the compressed nerves to ensure that the patient obtains relief from the pain. This is combined with proper positioning to ensure that there is long term relief.

Back and Forth

In order to relax the spine and reduce the pressure on the discs, the decompression tables alternate between distraction and relaxation. While some of the benefits of spinal decompression can be obtained from traction as well, this therapy goes beyond traction as it applies a negative pressure that creates a vacuum in the damaged disc and pulls the hernia inside.

Proper Hydration

There are two main benefits walking down this road towards spinal decompression therapy in NYC. First, the decompression reduces pressure on the discs and nerves and directly reduces the amount of pain experienced by the patient. Additionally, the reduced pressure on the damaged disc leads to better hydration of the disc. As the disc receives increased nutrition, it heals faster.


When you opt for spinal decompression in NYC you will be treated with both traction and decompression tables. The negative pressure applied will produce a sensation that is similar to anti gravitational force that some patients describe as a pulling sensation. This is a pain free procedure and some patients even fall asleep as they are undergoing therapy. You are likely to experience relief from pain after a few sessions, though you might require more sessions of therapy before you are completely cured.

Pain Killer Prevention

Spinal decompression therapy in NYC is safe and effective. It does not involve invasive procedures such as surgery and helps ensure that the patient can lead an active and pain free life without depending on pain killers that can have side effects.

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