Spinal Decompression Therapy – Clinic Cites 3 Considerations For Patients Prior To Receiving The Treatment

wpid-27Back pain is one of the most common aches a lot of people suffer from. Long hours of work while seated on a non-ergonomic chair, adherence to uncomfortable fashion trends (those low-rider skinny jeans definitely make sitting down very uncomfortable), poor posture, and poor health bring about this particular pain. The solution is often quite simple: changing the type of chair used at work, clothes that fit comfortably, being more conscientious of your posture, losing some weight to ease some of the burden off the base of your spine – all these can easily do the trick.

However, for more persistent and severe back pains, there are certain treatments recommended by physicians and pain specialists, and among them is spinal decompression therapy Manhattan doctors say this non-invasive treatment is highly preferred by many of their patients because it can be performed by the patients themselves to get rid of those pinched back nerves that create those painful sensations. With certain exercises such as the calf and camel stretch, wall stretch, and supine hamstring stretch, patients can experience some relief from the pain.

Now, for more severe pains – the kind that makes movement quite laborious — professional massage therapists are required to properly carry out spinal decompression therapy. With their careful and strategic manipulation, the discs of the spine get realigned not only to rid the pain but also to restore the natural, neutral form of the spine.

All these may sound completely simple, but there are important considerations prior to receiving this treatment and it’s imperative to understand them well so complications and further concerns can be prevented.

The first consideration is that there are side effects. Although they are not too serious, patients must know that more soreness can be experienced after the treatment is performed by a professional. Along with soreness, they may also experience numbness and a tingling sensation. Patients should inquire about how they can deal with these discomforts and whether they need to take medication, use a hot or cold compress, or simply stay in bed.

The second is that improvement is a gradual process. For those who want instantaneous, full relief, this treatment will not consistently provide it. As mentioned earlier, more soreness can actually be experienced by many; in fact, massage therapists claim that the stretching can create aches from the base of the spine, down to the ankles. Therefore, it will seem at first like the treatment didn’t work, but the fact is, spinal decompression therapy really needs some time to take effect. So complete a full set of sessions first before opting to try other treatments.

And lastly, it’s a great solution, but it’s not suitable for everybody. There are patients who are discouraged by doctors from receiving this treatment because they have other health concerns that may get aggravated, which is why it’s crucial to get a proper and thorough diagnosis first before deciding to receive spinal decompression therapy.

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