Spinal Decompression NYC Clinic Cites Benefits To This Back Pain Relief Treatment

Blame it on today’s handheld gadgets.

A growing number of people are suffering from persistent back pains. Studies show that the popularity of handheld gadgets, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, are greatly responsible. The neck and lower back, which are made to hold an awkward position for as much as two to four hours a day due to handheld device use,experience the equivalent of bearing a 60-lb weight on the neck. This position leads to damage to the neck and spine, hence the frequent occurrence of back pains.

Not only that, the dependence people have on these gadgets affects their range of movements. Due to the many functionalities of these gadgets, as well as the convenience they deliver, the amount of physical activity people engage in everyday has been reduced significantly. Everybody knows that reduced physical activity often leads to weight gain. Also, piling on extra weight not only strains the back, but can actually also contribute to the onset of a herniated disc in the back. To make matters worse, a herniated discfurther limits the mobility of overweight folks.

To outwork the physical discomforts created by frequent use of handheld gadgets, one of the available solutions to try is spinal decompression NYC health professionals say that this FDA cleared treatment has the ability to restore spine health and get rid of neck and back pains. Other than these, it offers a collection of other benefits which are listed below:

  • It’s a treatment that is not dependent on medication. People who don’t like taking synthetic drugs due to negative side effects can alleviate the pain caused by pinched back nerves without having to take any should they opt for spinal decompression therapy. Also, it lowers the risk of dependence on pain relievers.
  • Spinal decompression therapy can help restore or develop the spine’s flexibility. This allows bigger movements to be executed comfortably. Additionally, it can lower the risk of injuries due to awkward movements.
  • There are no serious side effects to this type of treatment. Some soreness due to the stretching may be experienced, but this can easily be relieved through adequate rest and using a hot or cold compress.
  • Spinal decompression encourages the body’s natural healing ability.
  • It often prompts patients to make healthy life changes such as losing weight. Better results can be secured from decompression if patients complement it with a nutritious diet, exercise, and other physical activities.
  • Lastly, spinal decompression therapy is suited for most people. Only those who are pregnant or with advanced osteoporosis, tumors, fractures, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and metal implants in the spine are discouraged from receiving this treatment.

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