Spinal Decompression Near Me In Manhattan, NYC

My back pain had become almost unbearable.  I’d heard about spinal decompression, but didn’t really understand how it worked.  That led me to do some online research.  I asked my general practitioner about it and was referred to a famous clinic here in Manhattan – Back & Body Medical.

Spinal decompression therapy is drug-free and non-surgical, making it a great therapeutic alternative for treating back and neck pain.  I booked an appointment for a consultation with Back & Body to find out if spinal decompression was right for my problem.

How it works.

Spinal decompression near me in Manhattan, NYC is a style of traction that’s much gentler than the one traditionally employed.  The treatment implicates a spinal decompression table, traction and other motorized treatment tools.

These are applied to gradually and gently stretch the spine, relieving pressure on vertebrae.  Spinal decompression eliminates the pain associated with spinal dysfunction by relieving that pressure.

The discs between your vertebrae act as shock absorbers.  They cushion the vertebrae to prevent them from rubbing together.  When there’s dysfunction, your spine’s shock absorbers can be impacted.  That stops them from doing their job, which results in pain.

When pressure on the vertebrae is relieved, fluids needed by your spinal discs to cushion them are restored and your discs are again able to absorb shock.  Once this occurs, your brain stops receiving pain messages from your nerves.

Relieving the pressure is all that’s required and for that, spinal decompression near me in Manhattan, NYC has proven to be incredibly effective.  It’s given me remarkable relief.

I noticed a change in the way I felt after only one session.  The dedicated team at Back & Body Medical was right about trying spinal decompression near me in Manhattan, NYC.

Diagnostic precision.

The Back & Body team takes pride in their facility’s famed diagnostic precision. Diagnostics allowed them to reveal the source of my pain rapidly and relieve it effectively.

The same diagnostic tools allow Back & Body to create personalized therapeutic plans, addressing patient individuality.  With advanced diagnostic protocols, the team could readily see whether spinal decompression was the appropriate treatment for me and go ahead with it.

I’m grateful for Back & Body’s team of diversified clinicians.  Practicing four disciplines in one convenient clinic – sports medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture – Back & Body’s multi-disciplinarian pain relief model has won awards and I can certainly see why.

I’m feeling better than I have for ages, with spinal decompression near me in Manhattan, NYC.

Evidence-based therapies.

Back & Body takes a conservative approach to relieving pain.  Only evidence-based therapies are used at this leading-edge clinic.

Medicine’s basis is modern science.  Back & Body honors that by offering patients only those treatments which are rooted in the evidence gleaned from medical research.

Back & Body Medical relieved my pain with spinal decompression near me in Manhattan, NYC and gave me back my quality of life.  Contact them to find out how they can do that for you.

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