Why Spinal Decompression and Physical Therapy Work Better Together

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Spinal decompression is a therapy I’m proud to offer my patients, as a chiropractor.  Using a motorized table, the patient’s spine is gently stretched, allowing muscles to relax and relieving pressure on the nerves.

As therapy proceeds, pressure is radically relieved, allowing misaligned disc materials to be restored to their natural positions.

When pressure is reduced in the spine, your body can start the healing process by allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow to compromised vertebrae and adjacent tissue.  Spinal decompression isn’t painful.  It’s not traditional traction, but a kinder, gentler descendent which has been refined.

While mileage may vary, many patients need as many as 20 sessions for pain relief.  But I believe the spinal decompression treatment period can be reduced when combined with physical therapy to support what it’s doing for your spine.

Combining the two therapeutic tools creates a synergy.  When pressure is released through spinal decompression treatment, physical therapy acts as a partner, strengthening the musculature of the core, which helps to prevent re-injury.

A Winning Combination

When the pain is relieved, some people think the journey’s over.  But that’s not how we roll at Back & Body.

Rather, we seek to offer you not just pain relief, but a way forward.  We want you to leave us stronger than when you came in.

Just because you feel better, doesn’t mean to say that our work is done.  To be the best clinicians we can, we know that supporting your recovery with the strengthening and enhanced mobility offered by the work of a physical therapist is good medicine.

We don’t want to see you again for the same injury, so adding physical therapy to your spinal decompression treatment assures you that you’re rebuilding yourself.  Much of the degeneration of the musculoskeletal systems has to do with either overuse or not enough use.

There’s a balance which must be found to enjoy optimum spine health.

And when you’re stronger, you’re more aware of your body.  You pay closer attention to your body mechanics (something we’ll talk to you about in the treatment process) and the way you sit and stand.

This is important information for people who want to enjoy healthy, fully mobile bodies for as long as possible.

Spinal Stability for Life

Receiving the benefits of spinal decompression, combined with physical therapy is our way of helping you achieve spinal stability for life.

The gradual decline of muscle strength plays a tremendous role in the degeneration of the systems of the spine.  Maintaining that strength should be everyone’s goal, as this assures that you’ll enjoy freedom of mobility and a healthy spine.  No one wants to spend their retirement in pain and that’s what can happen if you’re not mindful of your spine health.

Back & Body Medical

The team at Back & Body is here to support you in the pursuit of a pain-free life.  We work together to create outstanding outcomes for our patients by offering personalized care.

If you’re in pain, you have friends here.  Contact us.

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