Slouching – What Should Be Done About it?

man with visible spine holds his back

Slouching seems to be a big problem these days, and we see it a lot here in the city. It seems even many New Yorkers aren’t immune to this 21st century “disease” and technology certainly hasn’t helped. We slouch at our desks on our computers. We look down at our cell phones which puts pressure on our necks. So what else is affected in a negative way by poor posture? We know it’s not great for our backs and necks for one thing.

Poor posture affects our internal organs and impedes on their proper functions. It can distort, push organs in spaces they shouldn’t be and also has a significant impact on our digestion even. Some side effects of this can include constipation, heart burn and general discomfort.

Our breathing is also affected. If we are not sitting or standing appropriately, then we may not be taking in sufficient air to function properly. Look at professional musicians as an example. How they are always sat upright with tight posture and feet on the floor. This is to help them perform much better, rather than simply looking good.

Mood is also affected, and if you find yourself seated while slouched, then you may become more susceptible to depression and poor moods. Energy levels also decrease and the feeling of being unhealthy and lethargic increase.

Performance at work is also affected, and one thing many companies are starting to bring in more is standing stations where workers can work on their computers rather than having them sitting and slouching. Standing stations not only help improve work efficiency, they help the worker stay more focused, more awake and alert and most importantly, help maintain a better posture. This improved posture also helps reduce the number of sick days as well. This is obviously better for both the employer and the employee.

There are many other health benefits to maintaining correct posture meaning it will lead to a person who has better well being and greater confidence.

Slouching is basically not very good for you at all and should be corrected in favor of good posture.

Are you in discomfort from slouching? We can help. We can treat your symptoms and provide you with exercises and education to help you correct your posture. This  will benefit you positively as you will have less pain and you will be healthier in your general well being as a result.

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