Why You Shouldn’t Fear Physical Therapy — Downtown NY Rehabilitation Facility Provides 5 Reasons

rotator-cuffIf it’s your first time to be endorsed for physical therapy, it’s completely natural to have some fears because it’s going to be a brand new experience for you. But there really is no need to worry about it too much; in fact, many of those who have previously been part of this recovery or rehabilitation program state that receiving physical therapy is quite similar to receiving personal fitness training; it’s tough, but the challenges can be overcome. Physical therapy downtown NY facility specialists claim, truly can be rather challenging, but trust that you will not be subjected to any activity that will prove to be beyond what you can bear. Apart from this, listed below are five more reasons why you shouldn’t fear and worry too much about the program.

  1. Your doctor will have designed the best treatment program for you — a program that takes into full consideration your specific limitations, threshold for pain, and overall physical condition so physical therapy will yield target results.
  2. Physical therapy is not just about exercises. It’s a combination of various strategies for pain management, mobility restoration, and education on how you can do things independently and safely despite your present movement restrictions. You will not be stretched to the limit the whole time.
  3. Your relief is the goal. Physical therapists will focus on alleviating your pain and other discomforts instead of adding to them. You can tell them if certain movements are too painful for you and they will make adjustments in the method they’re using because relief is the goal, not adding more pain. You can always tell your therapist what you’re currently feeling: where your pains are, what movements intensify the pain, and other concerns. You are the most important aspect of your recovery and therapy is simply a program to assist you. You’re in control; it’s just that you trust properly trained professionals to work with you toward the attainment of your wellness goal.
  4. Before restoring original function, therapists make sure that you’ve built up your strength in non-painful ways first before launching into exercises that will take you out of your present comfort zone and speed up healing.
  5. You have a professional who will not judge you for feeling fearful. Physical therapists have a deep understanding of the psychological impact of being physically restricted, so you can be very honest. Aside from being understanding, they will encourage and motivate you throughout the session so you can really unlock your own power in pushing through the challenges of the program.

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