Shoulder Pain – How it Occurs and How to Correct it

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Shoulder Pain – How it Occurs and How to Correct it

Did you know that shoulder pain is one of the most common problems patients come into chiropractic clinics for, and it’s no exception here at our New York clinic either. We see many patients each week coming in because of shoulder pain and associated problems.

So what causes shoulder pain and how can it be treated?

Firstly, shoulder pain generally takes a great deal of time to occur. It occurs due to repetitive strains, traumas, sport injuries and even poor posture has an effect. As the dysfunction begins, over time inflammation, scar tissue and adhesions begin to build up which in turn creates more inflammation. This inflammation creates pain and a further consequence means muscles tighten around the area and makes the shoulder tighter, more painful and unable to move or function properly.

This snowball effect cycles over and over and creates even more pain and discomfort. In severe cases it forms something known as frozen shoulder syndrome. We don’t want to get to that point, but the good news it is still treatable even at that severity.

If this degeneration is caught at an earlier stage, then generally the treatment is more straight forward and we can reverse the effects with chiropractic treatments and at home exercises.

As chiropractors, we are not only interested with treating our patients and getting them out of pain and back to the life they enjoy, but also educating them and helping to ensure they never fall into the pain pattern described above.

As such, one of the most important things we try to teach our patients is to look out for their posture. The way each of us carries our bodies is vital to the possibility of developing painful issues, not only in the shoulders but elsewhere too.

So we look at doing several things with them:

  1. We help to inform them that correct posture not only helps the frame of the body stay in better shape, but it helps with organ function as well.
  2. We show our patients ideal postures to practice and maintain. During those painful times when they are not yet healed, we will show specific exercises that will help them expedite their healing.
  3. Many poor posture issues are of course caused by imbalances from elsewhere in the body, so focusing on those areas and correcting them will have a positive effect into other areas of the body too.

We have found in our experience that a mixture of both treatment and education has helped so many of our patients get out and stay out of pain.

If you have shoulder pain, the earlier you get it seen to, the better because it is far easier for us to correct the issue the earlier it is caught. Obviously it is beneficial to you too, because you will not remain in pain for long. The simple fact with a lot of shoulder issues is that they do not heal on their own, it takes treatment and education to get better again.

So let us help you. In pain, need to get better again? Then contact us. We have three simple ways you can make an appointment:

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