Sciatica Treatment Options in Midtown New York

Our sciatica treatment options in Midtown New York are many. We can utilize a variety of therapies including cold laser therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy and of course chiropractic care. With chiropractic care we still have many ways to help within that discipline alone. Let’s take a look at a couple of evidence based techniques that we often apply to patients to help them out of pain and back to normal.

Mulligan Spinal Mobilization

With this approach we are looking at the spine to investigate possible causes of sciatic pain. While the sciatic nerve occurs lower down, it is not beyond the realms that the reason the sciatic nerve could be infringed is due to some issue in the back. So for this, we assess the condition of the spine. It most cases we do see that people’s backs are not in proper alignment anyway, and so using what’s known as the Mulligan Spinal Mobilization, we look to correct any imbalances in the spine, correct joints and help to free up any nerves that may be trapped.

Neural Mobilization & Flossing

With these techniques we are looking to help stretch the sciatic nerve and to reduce adhesions or scar tissue build up around it. By reducing adhesions, we look to decompress and thus release pressure on the nerve which helps to remove any numbing or pain caused by it.

With flossing, we ask the patient to lay on their back and extend their neck. We will lift one of the patient’s legs up and straight and move it gently around the hip until such time the patient indicates pain. We then ask the patient to flex their neck and we will move the leg to help stretch the nerve. We might do this a dozen times or so to help break those adhesions up.

Of course as mentioned above, we have many more techniques that we can use to help a patient get out of pain and restore proper function. This is one of the advantages of a multi-disciplined practice in that we can tailor make treatments specifically to patients needs. Moreover, we have several experts in the various fields of treatments with considerable knowledge and experience that we can converse with to come up with specific plans if your condition is more complex.

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