Scared Of “Sitting Disease”? Get Help From Physical Therapy Practitioners

ac56d5ec4502bbf49025119082bdStudies say that people are now sitting for longer periods of time more than in any other time in history. The Mayo Clinic reveals 50 to 70 percent of people today stay glued to their seats for no less than six hours each day, with most of them spending at least four hours watching TV everyday.This type of sedentary lifestyle is harmful to your health – it can lead to serious complications and can even be fatal. In fact, some health experts are saying that sitting is the new smoking – it can kill.

The medical conditions set off by sitting too long have become so widespread, affecting everyone from people who have become attached to the TV and their various electronic devices to those who are tied to their office desks all day long.The term “sitting disease” has been coined to refer to the myriad of ailments and symptoms you can get from a sedentary daily routine: dysfunctions in the spine, aches and soreness in different parts of the body, muscle inflammation and stiffness, as well as emotional stress and low mood.

The good news, according to physical therapy Downtown NY practitioners, is that you can still counter the effects of “sitting disease” with some surprisingly simple lifestyle changes. Your trusted physical therapist can help you with the following goals:

Learn about stretching and strengthening routines. The goal of a physical therapist is not just to help alleviate your pain, but most importantly to educate you on the principles of physical activity that’s good for your body. Your therapist can teach you the right routines specifically designed to help manage your discomfort and help your body repair itself.

Understand proper posture and ergonomics.Your bad hip or aching wrist can be due to bad posture or the incorrect height of your chair or desk. A physical therapist can help you assess your environment and the furniture and equipment you use everyday, so you can make the adjustments necessary for protecting your spine.

Accelerate the healing process.Your therapist will implement the appropriate healing methodologies, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and others that will target problem areas and work on reducing overall pain and inflammation in your joints and muscles, as well as restoring the strength and mobility of your musculoskeletal system.

Establish a lifelong commitment to healthy living.Consulting with a physical therapy professional who cares about your own wellness awareness will open your mind about the various ways you can take care of your body, help it heal and prevent future illnesses and injury. Moreover, your therapist can motivate you to move more and be physically active – which is actually the perfect antidote to the so-called “sitting disease.”


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