Running with Back Pain in New York

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If you find yourself running with back pain in New York, this information can help you. It’s not an uncommon condition and we see many patients with this complaint at our 58th Street clinic here in Manhatten.

In fact, a recent study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine conducted a study of 72 people who were experiencing a range of lower back pain while running. The study focused on three characteristics of what these runners were experiencing while running.

The first focus was on the forward trunk lean that these runners seemed to be displaying when they became tired from their run as their tendency was to lean forward.

The second was landing with an extended knee and an extended dorsiflexed ankle.

The third and most important focus was that these runners experienced an increased contralateral pelvic drop which highlights a hip abductor weakness.

While all in the study could still run, they were experiencing pain after about 10 minutes of running. This shows a muscular weakness type injury.

At our clinic, this is one of the things we do consider, especially when dealing with athletic and runner patients. How we assess this can be broken into three parts.

  1. The first way is to have the patient lay on their side. We bend and stretch their top leg in a variety of angles and investigate the behavior and movements.
  2. We can also have the patient stand on one leg and observe the function of the hips as the body adjusts to maintain balance.
  3. Another test we may do is have the patient squat down on one leg. This is particularly good for runners especially, as running is technically a one legged sport, and we can see if an ideal stance is or isn’t being made. If not, then running will be an issue.

These three tests can help us identify any issues our patient as a runner may have and along with the knowledge from the aforementioned study, we can then implement a tailored treatment plan in order to help get back to proper health and the ability to be able to run without pain.

If you’re a runner and experiencing low back pain within 10 minutes of your run, give us a call and let us help you.

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