Regenerative Medicine NYC - The Benefits

Regenerative Medicine

As previously announced, we have opened up a regenerative medicine department at our New Jersey Back and Body branch. We have Dr Anita Dormer MD as our doctor who will be administering this therapy to our practice there. She has been in regenerative medicine pretty much since its inception and has been on the forefront of the treatment helping patients. So what are the benefits of regenerative medicine and what can you hope for as a pain sufferer?

While the therapy is becoming more and more readily available to regular patients, it has been used for many years to help professional athletes back to full fitness and accelerate their healing times. Moreover, in the cosmetic world, it has helped to regenerate skin tissue, something Dr Dormer has been involved in heavily when working in a burns unit.

So here are just a few benefits of this therapy:

  • No surgery needed
  • No drugs
  • Utilizes patients own cells
  • Non medications

Dr Dormer is based at our New Jersey branch, but we are arranging transportation for our NY patients to get there to see her. As Dr Dormer is so experienced and knowledgeable in the field, we are very confident we can help our patients with another form of treatment to help with pain relief.

Do you think you would be a candidate for regenerative medicine? If so, call our team today and schedule a time to come in and we can discuss and formulate a plan to help your condition.

If you are in pain or struggling with an injury, this may be a great option of care for you. Call us today on 908-325-3000 or our New York practice, 212-371-2000 for further assistance.

If this is something you would like to try, call us today. Either call our Jersey practice on 908-325-3000 or our New York practice, 212-371-2000. Either one will be able to help you.

Schedule an appointment or download our mobile booking app. Enter clinic ID ORTKJR.

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