Reasons Why You Should Consider Electric Stimulation Therapy For Pain Management

shoulderIf you’re suffering from chronic pains that are already compromising your life by preventing you from properly going about various tasks, then most likely, you are quite open and willing to try whatever method that promises to provide even just temporary relief. Nowadays, you can easily learn about new available solutions from periodicals and magazines; the latest drugs formulated by top pharmaceutical companies are promoted through these reading materials, and practically everything you need to know about these new provisions are provided as well. Several pages are devoted to sharing the different components of the formula, how long they were studied, how these products work to eliminate pain, what their side effects are, what the recommended intake is, etc.

However, if you are one of those people not keen on trying every single pharmaceutical offering for pain relief that comes out (perhaps to protect your liver from the damage that synthetic ingredients can create or your tummy from the acidity caused by these formulas), or you simply just prefer a non-toxic method, you have other options to try to effectively address the pains you’re suffering from. One of the non-invasive and non-toxic solutions that pain doctors and therapists recommend is electric stimulation therapy, which is also sometimes referred to as TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

What happens during a session of electrical stimulation therapy is that calculated electrical impulses or very mild “shocks” (at times though, the electric shock is so faint patients do not feel anything) that often feel like soft, warm pricks prevent the “pain message” from being sent to the brain. By causing an interruption in the nerves, the pain signals do not reach the brain, and so pain is not felt. It is also believed to increase blood supply (and oxygen) to the painful area which then leads to increased strength and healing. It’s likewise worth noting that electric stimulation therapy can trigger the release of the happy hormones called endorphins, which many studies already prove can help alleviate pains.

This treatment is known to provide short-term pain relief for muscular conditions.And depending on the severity of the pain you’re suffering from, the electrical stimulation can be made stronger or gentler to provide relief. It can be used for both severe and acute conditions.And while it does not really target the root cause of the pain, or provide a permanent cure, it’s a great complementary treatment to all other pain relief methods that you’re trying.

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