Reasons Why Cold Laser Therapy Is Worth Considering For The Treatment Of Back Pains

100_0663Considered one of the most common physical discomforts people experience nowadays is back pain; it can be anything from this blunt ache that’s really just concentrated around the lower back, to excruciating, radiating pain that seemingly courses through the entire body and renders one immobile. Back pain can be quite a hassle; surveys even reveal that one of the productivity issues of major companies these days is back pain, which a lot of employees suffer from and is a leading reason behind frequent absences.

Some back pains really require much needed rest and relaxation for complete recovery, but there are others that demand special treatments either due to the intensity and complication of the pain or the concerning frequency of the occurrence of pain. For special treatments, pain specialists thoroughly diagnose the patients to properly determine the reason behind the pain, as well as the other variables that contribute to the pain before designing an appropriate solution. Oftentimes, the solution is a large collection of different pain management or relief strategies such as medication, massage, diet, physical therapy, and even psychiatric consultation, to cite a few – mainly because back pain is rarely simple.

One of the treatment options that a lot of pain facilities offer to back pain sufferers nowadays is Manhattan Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy. This treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and accelerate the recovery or healing process.
When the cells absorb the light energy from the laser, the cells get stimulated in a way that damaged tissues normalize; therefore there’s reduction of pain, inflammation, swelling, faster healing, and better mobility or functionality.

This treatment is unlike the other options or provisions out there because it’s a non-invasive procedure so there’s no prolonged down time after receiving the treatment. Likewise, it does not require any form of medication after the treatment, making it a truly worthy treatment option to try for those who prefer a non-toxic pain solution. And best of all, if performed by a highly trained doctor or pain specialist, there are no known serious side effects to Cold Laser Therapy.

However, this treatment does not promise instantaneous results. While some relief can be experienced after a session, it takes several sessions to achieve complete freedom from pain. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the pain, but patients can rest assured that when they complete the treatment, and if they complied with the other pain relief solutions prescribed them, there’ll be a huge difference with their condition.

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