How to Put the Spring Back in Your Step


Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, etc.  But how are you doing, as winter lingers and you anxiously await the opportunity to see the grass again and feel the sun on your face?

The winter doldrums can see us anxious to get out and enjoy spring weather, but they can also make us feel lethargic and de-motivated.  That’s especially true if we’ve seen many winters.  We’re getting older and aches and pains seem to multiply with each winter that passes.

This post is about how to put the spring back in your step, so you can enjoy the warm weather (when it finally arrives – lucky us, living in NYC, with so much time to prepare).

Serious posture adjustment

The season of cocooning may see us draped across the sofa, channel changer in hand.  Those times we do venture from the cave are reserved for getting to work, where we slump in our chairs in front of computers.

Our posture takes a beating when we’re too sedentary and once the sedentary lifestyle sets in, it can be difficult to conquer.  Fixing your posture is one way to motivate yourself to be more active and aware of your body and its health.

When seated, remember to keep both feet flat on the floor, with your buttocks against the chair back.  This is the beginning of fixing the “office slump”.  Further, be mindful of your head position.  Your head should not be craning toward the computer screen, but in alignment with the rest of your spine.

Hold your abdominal muscles in and ensure that your workplace environment is conducive to good posture.  You may also want to explore a flexible work station which allows you to either stand or sit, alternating between the two.

Water yourself

Many of us are dehydrated without even knowing it.  Sometimes what we believe is hunger is thirst, as we don’t drink enough water.

Making a daily habit of consuming sufficient water is something that will change your life.  You’ll feel better in every way and your body will respond in kind.  Your skin will look and feel better, your digestive system will be more responsive and your organs will function better.

In addition, your spine will be much happier, because it’s getting the hydration it needs to keep your discs healthy and doing their job in the spinal structure.

Cutting down on coffee is another step you can take to retain adequate hydration.  Coffee is a diuretic which can rob your body of hydration and key nutrients from the food you eat.  So, if you have a coffee habit which involves drinking the stuff all day, alternate coffee with water.  You’ll see a difference in the way you feel.

Quality sleep

Before retiring, avoid all caffeinated beverages, watch television in the living room and read there, too.  Your bedroom is for repose.  Practice good sleep hygiene by sticking to a regular time to go to bed and to get up in the morning.

Need help getting that spring back?  Contact us.

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