The Pros and Cons of Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser TherapyCold laser therapy is a process where an area of your body in pain is cryogenically frozen – Han Solo style. It remains that way for about a year while you wait in the hospital. You can also choose to be completely cryogenically frozen if you’d like the time to go by faster.

Okay, pick your jaw up from your chest – none of that is true. But “cold laser therapy” sure does sound science fictiony, doesn’t it?

It’s not. But before explaining what it is – one important thing. If you’re too young to get the Han Solo reference, please – please – go watch the original Star Wars movies. Now. Great – back to cold laser therapy.

Cold laser therapy is a relatively new technique and is thought to speed up the healing process as well as help those suffering from acute or chronic pain in their neck or joints (due to arthritis). A doctor will normally hold a device over the area in pain while it emits a laser that passes through the skin. The cells in the affected area then absorb the energy from the laser with the result of less inflammation and less pain – theoretically. There is still a lot of debate about the effectiveness of cold laser therapy. Here are some pros and cons to consider.


It’s Non-Invasive

You won’t get cut up. No ugly scars (which could be a con if you planned on showing them off – so keep that in mind). No risk of accidental damage during surgery. And no long recovery time. That’s pretty huge.

No Need for Meds

If you’re an anti-med kinda guy or gal, then this is a huge pro for you. You won’t need to take any antibiotics or pain meds before, during, or after this procedure.


You’ll Get to Know Your Doc Really Well

Find a favorite sandwich shop nearby your doctor’s office – you’ll be there a lot. You might even want to plan a night to invite him over to dinner now. You likely won’t experience pain relief after one visit. In fact, it could take up to 30 visits, usually with multiple visits per week.

Dolla Dolla Billz

Cold laser therapy isn’t covered by many insurance companies. If they do cover it, it’s usually only  partially. So just make sure ahead of time that you have enough money to cover the entire length of the treatment.

So that’s it. Just do your research and make sure it’s something you’re comfortable going forward with. Many people have reported significant pain relief and the pros are significant. But it would still be wise to talk to you doctor and maybe even another medical professional to get a second opinion about the procedure and any risks that may be involved. It will give you a complete picture to build on the basics you’ve just learned – so you can make an educated decision about cold laser therapy.

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