Prevention Better than Cure? New York Back Pain Maintenance Care

Chiropractor examining a woman's back

You’ve heard it said before. Prevention is better than cure. It’s better to prevent an accident than to have one and then fix the issues it caused. But is this the same for New York back pain? Is back pain maintenance something that should be done to reduce the possibility of pain in the future?

Well, a few studies have been undertaken and research thus far, suggests yes, a maintenance plan is certainly advantageous.

When you consider that back pain is one of the main reasons people miss work or other activities, it’s certainly something that should be looked at. A couple of studies have undertaken in 2004 and 2011 looked at a sample of patients suffering with pain and investigated the effects of ongoing chiropractic maintenance compared to treatments occurring only when pain was present. Those who had the ongoing care reported far fewer incidents and also didn’t miss work as often.

A 2018 study looked at over 300 patients once they completed their initial treatment program to get out of pain, and discovered that having regular chiropractic care meant that on average, 13.8 fewer work days were lost for the year compared to the previous year. Clearly regular maintenance does help and prevent future problems.

Regular care does not mean coming in several times a week or even once a week. Regular preventative care can be once a month or even once every 6 weeks. Furthermore, your chiropractic doctor can also suggest exercises for you to try to help with the maintenance as well as suggesting change in diet or fitness regimes.

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