Preventing Injuries in Female Athletes Using Physical Therapy Midtown NY

Knee-Injury-and-SoccerPeople are striving to lead healthier lives in recent years due mostly to the proliferation of information on the increasing number of health conditions brought about by observing poor habits and choices. Leading a sedentary lifestyle and pairing it with a diet consisting mostly of processed convenience foods, for example, sets a person up to develop serious conditions like obesity and type-2 diabetes, which can be challenging to keep in check. Because people are becoming more aware of the risks of these conditions, there is a greater effort being observed among people across the globe to be more mindful of the quality of the food they put in their mouths, the amount of rest and hydration they get each day, and the level of physical fitness they can maintain.


Women are just as involved in athletic pursuits as men, which also means that they can become prone to experiencing the same accidents or injuries as they go through their chosen sports or workout routines. But while some may prefer to have their physical condition checked out only after they observe something wrong, it can be extremely helpful to take preventive measures so that future injuries can be prevented — like paying a visit to professionals in physical therapy Midtown NY locals and athletes can find physicians, chiropractors, pain specialists and physical therapists working together in such clinics to help patients address their pain and injuries and develop a program for steering clear of such injuries in the future.


Injuries on the rise

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the physical therapy industry is predicted to grow by nearly a third by 2016. This is illustrated by the rise in the number of people receiving physical therapy services — from 1.2 million per day in 2000 to 1.6 million per day in 2008, according to a Nevada Physical Therapy Association spokesperson.


Most of these physical therapies are provided to young and physically fit individuals, both male and female, engaged in regular physical activities to stay healthy, and not just elderly individuals recovering from debilitating surgeries or hardcore athletes needing to stay in top shape for their sports.


Women are particularly prone to injuries from working out because of hips that are naturally wider than their lower bodies, which can put more strain on the ligament and joints.


Physical therapy for prevention

More and more people are turning to physical therapy to heal from injuries and prevent re-occurrences or new injuries in the future, instead of the more conventional RICE method or plain rest.


Approaching a physical therapist for active rehabilitation for pains in the lower back and knees, for example, can be more effective in attaining full recovery and optimal health than allowing the injury to worsen and resorting to surgical methods.


Physical therapists can also conduct evaluations to determine the level of weakness in a patient’s muscles or other existing conditions that could possibly lead to future injuries. The therapist can then prescribe exercises to keep these conditions from becoming an issue and a possible cause for serious injuries — this is especially important, since most injuries are the result of long-standing conditions that the patient failed or refused to address.


By paying regular visits to a physical therapist, highly active women can stay in top form to engage in their chosen sport or workout regimen and maintain excellent physical condition for the long term.


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