Predicting Migraines & Identifying Triggers

Predicting Migraines & Identifying Triggers is a key concept to focus on as preventing a migraine is surely better than having to treat one. Look at some great tips to do this.

Have you ever suffered from a migraine headache? If you have, you know that they can be extremely debilitating. They can have an impact on your ability to carry out daily activities, both at work and at home. Can chiropractic care be helpful in treating migraine headaches? Let’s find out today.

Although some migraines aren’t always caused by dysfunction, it’s becoming more commonly known that neck issues can possibly play a role in the migraine headache process. 

The European Spine Journal published a study in 2019 where researchers looked at the neck of 52 females with migraines, and 52 women without a history of any neck pain or headaches. The 52 women who experienced migraines were more likely to show signs of cervical dysfunction. 

Another study done in 2019 found that migraine patients with concurrent neck pain had much more migraine related disability than those who had no neck pain. Other studies have shown that individuals with migraines are a lot more likely to have trigger points in the cervical muscles. 

A review of six random control trials included 667 migraine headache patients who received spinal manipulation therapy. They found that SMT is “an effective therapeutic technique to reduce migraine days and pain/intensity.” From this, we now know that chiropractic treatment does benefit migraine patients. 

When visiting a DC, a migraine patient can expect a full examination to figure out the areas in the cervical region that need treatment. Treatment methods include many methods. Among these are spinal manipulation, mobilization, exercises, and nutritional recommendations.

At Back and Body Medical, we have the skills to help reduce migraines and headaches in general. If you’ve been suffering and have found little to no relief elsewhere, try our chiropractic treatment to help with your headache and migraine pain. We are here to help you. Same day appointments are available so why not try today?

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