Posture Correction Can Save You Trouble Later in Life

pretty woman standing in yoga positionPosture problems can manifest early in life and persist, causing myriad problems as we age.  At Back and Body Medical, we believe that posture correction is an imperative for those of us who may not be quite as active as we should be.  Of course, our professionals counsel physical activity as a means of practicing personal responsibility for individual wellness.  Our lead Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. David Perna, is a two-time Ironman.

But life being what it is, some of us neglect physical activity.  Sedentary habits many of us have developed in the modern world can be harmful to correct posture.

Sitting at a computer for many hours a day can lead to “poking chin”, a posture habit that demands correction.  The poking chin can lead to the development of dowager’s hump and eventual fractures in the upper vertebrae.  That’s a serious problem which can make aging unnecessarily painful.

Posture Correction

The professionals at Back and Body Medical are keenly engaged with the need for correct posture.  That’s why we provide integrated medical services which address each patient as an individual.  Taking into account your specific posture issues, our physical therapists, chiropractors and therapeutic clinicians will find the right combination of responses to suit your needs.  As a team, we work toward solutions that will work for you.

Your body has its own wisdom.  Back and Body will trigger your body’s incredibly reliable muscular memory, by re-training it through corrective exercises.  You’ll re-learn how to sit, stand and walk to support the health of your spine and the body of which it’s the pillar.  You’ll even re-learn how to lie down in a more effective way.

By strengthening your muscles, your body can be re-trained to support the type of posture that promotes optimum health and avoids problems as you age.

Posture correction can also be the solution for numerous pain issues, improve your stamina and promote improved flexibility.  As we age, our bodies can become reluctant to change ( truth about human beings generally, which is just as physical as it is psychological).

Posture correction as an early intervention to improve your body’s chances of aging with grace is enormously beneficial.

Integrated Care

Back and Body Medical is an integrated team of clinicians who place the patient’s needs at the top of the agenda.  With our evidence-based approach to posture correction, we dispense with guesswork and transient, questionable therapies.  We practice only evidence-based therapies, applied as part of a comprehensive care plan, tailored to each of our patients.

At Back and Body, we know everyone’s different.  We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or therapies that haven’t been proven as fully effective.  We believe in results, which is the reason for our exceptional patient outcomes.

If you feel you may be a candidate for posture correction, we invite you to contact us to discuss your options for treatment.  At Back and Body, we take posture seriously, knowing that incorrect posture can lead to serious problems later in life.  We don’t want that to happen to you.  Let us assemble a care plan to help you maintain optimum posture and optimum health.

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