Posture Correction: NYC Residents Learn The Value Of A Good Posture

o-WAITING-ROOM-facebookIt looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? When you’re standing or sitting with a slouched back, you don’t feel too attractive. When you’re wearing something elegant, a slouched back becomes even more pronounced. But having bad posture isn’t simply cosmetic. It is critical to your health.


Bad posture can put a strain on your back and your spine. This in turn leads to back pains, and over time, you may also develop knee and joint problems. These things could create other problems that lead to neck pain, fatigue, headaches, and, according to the Spine Health resource, potential issues with breathing and concerns over your major organs.


Posture correction NYC residents should realize, is an essential part of maintaining overall health. By practicing good posture, you prevent the incidence or avoid the risk of back-related problems. Pain may well be the tip of the iceberg when you’re experiencing a knot or discomfort in your lower or upper back. Depending on the level of pain you might experience, you might have to avoid strenuous physical activities. If you happen to lead an active lifestyle, such an interruption may get you down.


This must be one of the reasons why therapists find that people with good posture tend to have better moods than those who have stooped posture. It’s also possible that this isn’t simply about dealing with back pain, but it also has to do with possessing a better outlook.


Meanwhile, Harvard University conducted research on people who had “powerful postures” (i.e., open shoulders, straight spines) and found that they tend to have a 20 percent rise in testosterone and 25 percent reduction in cortisol – also known as the stress hormone. Stooped postures lead to shallow breathing, which puts a strain on the lungs and the heart, making it work harder to deliver sufficient blood for oxygen transport.


So not only will good posture prevent the back pain, neck pain, and every other kind of pain in your body, but it can also help you steer clear of stress.


How do you correct bad posture?


  • Make sure that each part of your body is in alignment with neighboring parts; ideally, a straight line can be traced from the ear lobe through your shoulder, hip, knee, and the middle of your ankle.


  • Be mindful of how you sit, stand, bend, and lie down. There is a correct posture for each position. Know and practice them accordingly.


  • And finally, avoid habits that lead to bad posture: sitting for too long, cradling a phone between your neck and shoulder, slouching, and so on.



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