Stop Slouching!

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There is no such thing as a mom who doesn’t tell you to stop slouching.  Every mom who has ever lived has said these words to her children in gentle but firm tones.  Julius Ceasar’s mom probably said it, too.  “Stop slouching!  Emperors stand up straight!”.

Moms everywhere are to be commended for being posture cops.  That’s because the risks of poor posture are serious.  When not corrected, posture risks can sneak up on you.  We know it’s easy to forget about your posture when you’re slouched over a computer for hours on end.  That’s no excuse.  It’s not as though your body is going to forgive you when your posture habits come home to roost in dowager’s hump, slack muscle tone, and your internal organs’ reduced function.  It’s going to get you back.

The risks of poor posture aren’t worth running, in the long run.  Posture isn’t just a superficial thing that makes you appear more confident.  It’s a life habit that supports the overall health of your body and its successful function.  Want to stop slouching?  We can help.  Posture correction is possible through the application of corrective therapies.  Back & Body Medical in New York City can put an end to that risky slouch, once and for all.

Posture correction professionals.

Back & Body Medical is your expert posture correction team in New York City.  We can do more than correct your posture, though.  We can find out if it’s a factor in any number of physical ailments you’re experiencing.  Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we identify the source of your problem.  If it’s poor posture that’s causing the problem, our therapists can help you correct that risky slouch. We’ll get you to stop slouching with exercises and therapies that relieve the risks of poor posture.

Back & Body Medical in New York City will help your body remember what good posture is.  This involves strengthening your muscles and teaching them to do their job again.  To stop slouching, your efforts complement ours.  We’ll work with you to stifle that slouch and alleviate the risks associated with poor posture.

The stop slouching team.

Our team of specialists will design a program of posture correction exercises to stop that slouch and get you standing tall, just the way mom wanted.  Your end of the deal is to share our commitment by doing your homework.  With the stop slouching team in your corner, you’ll be on the road to eliminating the risks of poor posture by getting your body back in balance.

The risks of poor posture can sneak up on you, so don’t get caught slouching.  If you’re concerned you may have posture issues which are impacting your health, come talk to us.  We’ll get you to stop slouching.  We’ll rebuild your body to keep you from doing it again.

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The risks of poor posture just aren’t worth it.  Call the posture correction team at Back and Body Medical and stop slouching.

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